Worried about legal fees? Don't you worry ...

Our fixed fees will put your mind at peace.


Fixed fees are designed to give you peace of mind over legal costs at a stressful time.
 - low cost legal services
 - fixed fees
 - no hidden extras
 - quality service
 - client satisfaction.

Our Agreed Fixed Fee Services

Quality always costs, and it is especially true when it comes to seeking legal advice. We recognise that certainty on legal costs is important for our clients, and therefore wherever possible we work on an agreed fixed fee basis.

What is Agreed Fixed Fees?

"Agreed Fixed fee" arrangements for solicitors fees are a popular way to pay solicitors fees because they help provide peace of mind. Agreed Fixed fee agreed at the beginning of a case removes the risk of incurring a mountain of legal fees becoming owed to your solicitor at the end. It allows you as a client to be in control. It is down to the solicitor to warn you if they feel there are unforeseen elements outside your agreement with them. There should be no surprises and from the onset you know what you owe.

The following are the standard ranges our popular agreed fixed fees:
 - Asylum application = £1,200-£1,700
 - Indefinite leave applications (except refugee settlement) = £900.00-£1,200
 - Human Rights (Private & Family Life) Immigration Applications = £800-£1,200
 - Entry Clearance (spouse & other dependants) Applications = 800-1200
 - Point Based System applications = £750-£1500 (services for Applicant's side only)
 - Naturalisation = £300-600
 - Refugee Settlement after 5 years = £300-£600
 - Tribunal Appeal = £1,250-£1,750
 - Upper Tribunal Permission to Appeal = £500-£900
 - Judicial Review Preaction Protocol = £500-£750
 - Judicial Review Claim = £1,250-£1,750
 - Judicial Review Hearings = £1,250-£1,750
 - Court of Appeal permission to appeal = £650-1,000
 - Uncontested Divorce = £300-£500
 These fees are exclusive of VAT. You may or may not need to pay VAT depending on your immigration status, which we will discuss with you on case-by-case basis.
 Typical timescales for almost all applications to Home Office are 3-6 months, appeals to courts and Tribunals are 3 months to 12 months. It varies with complexity of the case and the level of workload during the relevant period at Home Office and the courts.

We pride ourselves on our transparent and competitive fixed legal fees which is why our clients continue to return to us. We apply low cost fixed fees to the majority of our services and all charges are unambiguous and clearly stated. Our expert teams work efficiently and effectively to avoid unnecessary spiralling costs, saving you time and money. We let you take control of your legal costs, putting your mind at rest. If, in an unlikely event, a client is not fully happy with out service, we will make our best endeavours to resolve the issue and make our client's mind at ease and peace.