Struggling with troublesome immigration problems?

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"Yes, we know that immigration system is tough and complicated "

"And, we cannot change the system."

"But we can help steer you safely through it."

Extremely Stressful?

Immigration Problems can be very troublesome and stressful. With delay of cases at Home Office, and Immigration rules and regulations being complex and tough - it is hard enough even when English is your first language, but it can be a nightmare with limited language skills.


We can help you with immensely broad range of immigration & asylum issues including:

  • Human rights claims

  • Points based System

  • Work Permits

  • Student - visa, or further leave as a student, or leave to remain after your studies

  • Child Students

  • Business immigration

  • Family Reunion

  • Family Visit

  • Business Visit

  • General Visit

  • Student Visitor

  • Leave to Remain in the UK as the spouse of a settled person

  • Leave to Remain in the UK as a parent

  • EEA (European) family member

  • EEA extended family member

  • Right of Abode

  • Settlement - for long residence, work-permit holders, refugees

  • Citizenship

  • Applications to enter the UK as a spouse, or partner, or for marriage

  • Applications to enter the UK for the purpose of settlement

  • Illegal Immigrants and over-stayers - to regularise your status in the UK

  • Immigration Detainees

  • Removal or deportation cases

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • Asylum

  • Humanitarian Protection

  • Discretionary Leave

  • Legacy cases

Mount Azure Solicitors have specialist expertise to provide you with legal advice, assistance and representation at all stages of immigration, asylum and human rights matters including:

  • Application to the Home Office

  • Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal

  • Application for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal

  • Appeal to the Upper Tribunal

  • Application for permission for a Judicial Review

  • Judicial Review by the High Court

  • Application for permission to appeal to the the Court of Appeal

  • Appeal to the Court of Appeal

  • Application for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court

  • Appeal to the Supreme Court

  • Application to The European Court of Human Rights & European Court of Justice